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Benchmarks of Team Excellence was developed as part of an extensive research project that investigated the relationship between various leadership behaviors (visionary leadership behaviors and good management practices) and the level of excellence in the manager's team. A thorough review and synthesis of the literature revealed six indicators of excellent work units: alignment, team effectiveness, empowerment, passion, commitment, and results.

How It Works

By combining individual scores with the team’s scores, participants get a portrait of their team's overall level of performance in each of the six excellence indicators. Interpretative information provides insight into the ranges and scores. With analysis, discussion, and action planning questions, participants then reflect on and discuss the team’s functioning and how it can improve.


Learning Outcomes

  • Measure the extent to which teams possess the six indicators of excellence
  • Compare a team's performance with other excellent and high-performing teams
  • Determine action steps to help teams move farther and faster along the journey toward excellence

Indicators of Excellence

Benchmarks will help you measure the extent to which teams possess the six indicators of excellence:
  • Alignment
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Empowerment
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Results

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