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diversity and inclusion

Learning Overview

The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory workshop is a powerful experience that helps participants identify their personal areas of low cultural understanding and provides examples of ways to improve them. Participants will identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in four skill areas that are fundamental to effective cross-cultural communication and interaction: Emotional Resilience, Flexibility/Openness, Perceptual Acuity, and Personal Autonomy.

Why Diversity?

With increasing globalization comes diversification in the workplace. As organizations turn to hiring employees from many parts of the world, the need for cultural understanding is at its greatest. Culture shapes the values, habits and thinking patterns that impact work life from communication to time management. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to find a product that could increase participants’ ability to relate to other cultures.

diversity and inclusion

Learning Objectives

  • Be more successful in cross-cultural interactions
  • Participate more effectively in multi-cultural discussions
  • Develop readiness for travel or study abroad
  • Access their competencies for relocating to another culture
  • Improve their productivity as a member of intercultural virtual teams and work groups
  • Select and train global leaders
  • Contribute to a corporate culture that values and embraces cultural diversity

Increase Inclusion

  • Demonstrate a desire to seek diverse perspectives at all levels
  • Find the unique skills of each individual and capitalize on them.
  • Establish a system that connects each new employee with a veteran employee
  • Find non-bureaucratic ways of challenging the status quo
  • Foster an atmosphere of flexibility and learning
  • Be willing to admit mistakes and weaknesses




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