team building games


• Understand three prevalent leadership styles at play in the workplace and how they affect team performance

• Explore why Collaborative leadership is the best approach for long-term success.

• Create an individual plan to lead more collaboratively.

team building games


• Practice functioning in silos and contrast this experience with working collaboratively.

• Understand why silos weaken team performance and undermine the overall organization.

• Explore why collaborative teamwork is the best approach for long-term success.

• Create an individual plan to minimize silos and increase collaboration

team building games


Both Teamwork and Leadership versions demonstrate, in a very practical and gratifying manner, the power of collaboration to enable participants to cultivate the mindset and behaviors integral to effective implementation. While each game has been designed to function independently, using them in tandem presents a more thorough, holistic picture of collaboration and the positive effects it has on employee engagement and productivity.

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I used the Mars Surface Rover activity with new professionals and upper-class students who supervise student residential advisors in the college's residence halls. Where so often these supervisors see team problems as the fault of the individual team members, the Mars Surface Rover activity opened them up to the possibility that their style of leadership might also be limiting team effectiveness. The activity provides easy-to-understand terminology about leadership styles as well as an opportunity for participants to reflect on their own styles in a non-threatening way.”
Chris Jachimowicz, Director of Student Leadership Development and Greek Affairs, Muhlenberg College