The Reproducible Training Library has the industry's most broad range of soft-skills training content. It's 300+ hours of training programs that are research-based, easy to facilitate, in instructor-led Classroom training format and includes a supplemental self-paced learning PowerPoint. This is training content that's never dull. You get an entire training library that will keep your participants engaged while learning from exciting content. 

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Utilized and trusted by organizations of all industries, sizes, and structures.


How does it work?



Contact our account executives to purchase the full curriculum of employee training programs featuring essential topics.



Use Microsoft PowerPoint to customize each program for your staff—with no special software or editing skills required.


Use Forever

An unlimited license allows you to reprint and distribute program materials as often as needed, without annual renewal fees.


“We chose the RTL because it can be reproduced often, and [for] the flexibility of the editable Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. [After inserting] our PowerPoint-themed backgrounds into the slides it looks like it was designed in-house.”

 James T. Puett

Manager, Leadership and Organizational Development at Healthways Human Resources

“I appreciate having access to fundamental ready-to-go and easy-to-adapt presentation resources that are packed with great organizational theory and lend themselves to engaging participant interactions."

 Diane Seader

Successful Solutions Coaching

“We love the content. I’ve previewed and purchased products from competitors, and I think [the RTL] is the best. Our employees are engaged and the modules allow for employees to learn and apply the new skills to their specific work areas. "

 Joey Monahan

Employee Development Education Specialist
Tampa General Hospital

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A well-trained staff that knows important soft skills can improve customer experience, boost employee relations, and bolster interdepartmental communications.

The cost of employee training and development for an entire team can be astronomical, but the HRDQ Reproducible Training Library has a low, one-time purchase price and contains a full curriculum—more than 300 hours of customizable training materials focusing on critical soft skills that are essential for employees.