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The Jungle Escape is packed with all the customer service team building activities and tools you need to deliver an interactive, 90-minute exercise that educates as it engages. From a comprehensive facilitator guide to colorful toy parts, a useful participant guides to support materials, an action video to an eco-friendly backpack, Jungle Escape provides the team building games and materials that will help develop your team into an effective unit capable of overcoming any obstacle. We even added a water bottle for trainers with a thirst for learning!
training games

Uses and Applications

Jungle Escape can be used as a standalone team building game or as part of a more comprehensive training program. You can also use the game to:
  • Introduce the elements of effective teamwork
  • Kick off a team-building workshop or seminar
  • Improve productivity between multiple work teams
  • Identify group issues or concerns that block team performance
  • Energize established work teams
training games

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the difference between cohesive, fragmented, and divergent teams
  • Learn and practice the nine elements of effective teamwork
  • Experience vital group-process skills
  • Demonstrate the balance between planning and implementation
  • Recognize the impact of individual behavior on group productivity
  • Establish action-planning steps for improved team performance
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"We wanted a fun activity with a message for our off-site management meeting and Jungle Escape more than met our criteria. It's an extremely meaningful and affordable tool. The hands-on activity got everyone engaged- it was a welcome change from the rest of the session. And because participants were interacting with those they don't usually work with, it provided an opportunity for them to learn how to appreciate each other's differences. The learning was so powerful that participants told me, "We want to roll this out to our teams!" Jungle Escape captured  our imaginations, and now we plan to create a larger learning experience to build on the learning benefits."