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Identify the five styles of negotiation

A powerful combination of self-assessment, 180° peer feedback, and classroom training, the Negotiating Style Profile identifies a preference for one of five negotiating styles: Defeating, Accommodating, Collaborating, Withdrawing, or Compromising
negotiation skills training

Learn how one's negotiation style is perceived by others

Combining the results of the self-assessment and the feedback provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of their natural tendencies as well as a starting point for improvement.

Develop an action plan to improve negotiating-style strengths

Based on Ury and Fisher’s collaborative win-win model, and heavily influenced by the highly respected Thomas-Kilmann conflict resolution model, the Negotiating Style Profile offers a simple framework for determining one’s negotiating style and the likely effect it has in negotiating situations.
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The Negotiating Style Profile helps individuals to step back from a situation, determine if the style they are using is most effective, and choose one that is appropriate.I rely on it for its consistent validity, strong model, and because it’s easy to use.The theory is simple to grasp and fits well with Situational Leadership and other theories.