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personal work style

Identify Personal Style

The information participants learn from the Personal Style Inventory can be a powerful organizer for personal assessment and planning efforts. The PSI can be used as an individual instrument for personal counseling, career planning, job selection, and relationship building. It can be used in personal development training sessions with small or medium sized groups to learn your personal work style.

Relate Behavior Patterns

The PSI will help participants to relate their personal styles to their patterns of behavior and the relationships they establish in the world. An understanding of the natural conflicts between our personal preferences (styles) and the needs for satisfactory group living is the basic substance of the activities described in the interpretive section of the instrument booklet and here in this Facilitator Guide.

Develop Productive Relationships

Learn how to get a team to work together and improve team communication. Group interaction is an integral part of this training. Individual's personal styles are neither wrong nor right, only different. Navigating those differences will help your team to plan behaviors they believe will help them develop more satisfactory and productive relationships while working with a wider range of people. 


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Over the years, I have used the Personal Style Inventory with over 500 associates in the university and Fortune 500 environments. The results and reactions are truly amazing. The lights go on for people who discover their preferences for the first time as well as for those who have a confirmed 'type.' So useful and helpful for understanding the dynamics of group work."
William J. Mc Cluskey, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase