Interested in utilizing a complete soft-skills library in your training efforts? Let us take you through an inside tour of the Reproducible Training Library. If you are a training and development professional, a consultant, or a manager who also has training included in your duties, this demo is for you.   

We will walk you through the product so you can see the design quality, comprehensive research-based content, and ease of customization during a live demo.

Click here to register for one of our upcoming demos, always held from 2:00 - 3:00 pm eastern time. 


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Why Reproduce?

The RTL is a resource to come back to. Print all you want, but only what you need.

No licensing fees. No additional purchases, no order details or product numbers to remember when you need to re-stock.

If you choose to customize you can tailor your materials in different ways and print different versions - remaining able to come back to and make sure of the original content.

The RTL is portable. You can send participants their materials through network, email, or mobile device. You can train participants virtually through video conference, and allow them time with the materials outside of the classroom.


Why Customize?

Seamless presentation. Customization allows you to build the exact program you need, while keeping everything in one format - a complete and tangible takeaway for your participants. 

Branding. When you use your own branding and examples, it makes your training more relatable to your participants, and allows you to control the tone and impression of your training - making it feel like your company, to get the results your company needs. 

You know your team! The RTL's content is developed by subject-matter experts. But, no one knows your organization better than you. Let your voice come through as a representative of your organizational culture and goals. Your team will respond to the values it's been working towards when they can see them in action.


Why a Library?

You'll have everything at your fingertips. With its comprehensive range of topics, the RTL will never leave you hunting for materials as needs arise. You'll already be prepared for training on any set of soft skills.

It's always there. The RTL can be used to . train as few or as many people as you need. It provides your organization with a bank of resources for anyone who wants to learn - any individual can make use of the RTL's proven content with or without the availability of a Facilitator or scheduled training session.

You'll hold the building blocks of improved performance. All RTL programs come in the same format (MS Word and PowerPoint files), allowing you to make specialized programs by incorporating elements from various titles. You'll cut down on prep time and buy-in from stakeholders by keeping your training flexible in nature, consistent in quality, and effective in time and expense. 



The Reproducible Training Library is everything you'll need. The RTL is a comprehensive library of soft-skills training programs. The content is all there - and it's been built by subject-matter experts. Putting the best content available into your hands is the first step to better training.
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“We absolutely love the content. When utilizing the Reproducible Training Library, I notice that our employees are engaged and the modules allow for employees to learn and specifically apply the new skills to their specific work areas (and personal lives for that matter). The RTL boldly challenges the learner to not just listen to and sit through a training, but to engage, think and apply the new skills learned in each specific module.”