supervisory skills

How It Works

The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire assessment tools present individuals with a series of 30 real-world situations. Their task is to choose one of three possible response actions. Scores reveal an overall supervisory score as well as strengths and areas for improvement. The comprehensive data provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of their performance and a benchmark they can use to create an action plan for improvement.
supervisory skills


The Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is excellent as a stand-alone learning instrument or part of a more comprehensive supervisory skills training program. It will benefit supervisors with all levels of experience. With comprehensive and adaptable content, the program covers skill areas that are integral to everyone from relatively inexperienced supervisors to seasoned veterans. 
supervisory skills

Learning Overview

A supervisor is akin to a pivotal cog in a complex, multi-faceted system. Although it is part of a greater whole, its movements trigger other wheels and have far-reaching effects. Supervisory Skills Questionnaire is designed to help individuals increase their effectiveness as a supervisor. Participants identify the extent to which they practice key Supervisory Skills, explore how to improve their performance in each, and engage in stimulating interactive activities.

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