Brain-based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention

You’ve been there before. You are delivering your presentation and you see your listeners' eyes glazing over. You ask yourself if your presentation is boring and predictable. When people aren’t engaged, they’re not paying attention. And that means they’re not learning. Soft-skills training budgets are tight, so how can you guarantee your audience will sit up and take notice the next time you’re in the lead role?
Never fear, Sharon Bowman is here! Join her for Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention, an unforgettable webinar that will transform your training and presentation skills from just blah to a-ha. A popular speaker and the expert on brain-based instruction, Sharon knows the secret to making soft-skills training content (and any content!) memorable—even when the topic is dry, technical, or complex—and she’s ready to share her knowledge with you. Not only will you leave with tools you can put to immediate use, you’ll also be privy to a host of free, web-based resources you can use to maximize the effectiveness of your next training session.