Courageous Leadership: How to Build Backbone, Boost Performance, Get Results

Courageous Leadership, does your organization have it? Courage is the first virtue of organizational performance because it’s the lifeblood of leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation. But in times of change and uncertainty too many workers become safety-seekers, often to the detriment of their organizations. We have high and often conflicting expectations of leaders. We want leaders to be reasonable but passionate, decisive but inclusive, visionary but explicit, and powerful but humble. On top of all that, also be emotionally intelligent, caring, impartial, people-oriented, and of course, financially astute. The list is so long that it often leaves leaders scratching their heads, thinking: where on earth do I start? The answer is courage. It’s the backbone leaders need to forge the future, face fierce challenges, inspire others, and drive the bottom line. Important organizational concepts like leadership, innovation, change management, sales, and employee engagement all require strong doses of courage.

Join us for Courageous Leadership: How to Build Backbone, Boost Performance, and Get Results, presented by Bill Treasurer. The Courageous Leadership webinar will provide practical strategies for building workforce courage so workers can become opportunity-seekers. A proven approach for using courage to improve performance and counteract the negative impacts of workplace fear will be introduced. When everyone is working with more courage, the entire organization is transformed for the better. Research shows that courageous workers seek out leadership opportunities, step up to challenges, offer innovative ideas, passionately embrace change, and are more productive. In short, courageous workers get work done!