Diversity Training: Engaging Confidently With Other Cultures

Awareness of our own cultural identities and experiences is the first step to becoming more effective cross-culturally. The Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory™ workshop is a powerful experience and diversity training tool that helps participants identify their personal areas of cross-cultural competency and provides examples of ways to improve them.

Join experts Dr. Colleen Kelley and Dr. Judith Meyers, as they teach the four competencies that are critical to cross-cultural adaptability. They will also examine how to use them as a springboard to self-awareness and cross-cultural success.

This webinar is based on the HRDQ product, The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory, a best-selling diversity training tool that was developed in direct response to needs expressed by cross-cultural trainers and teachers for a well-constructed and easily obtainable self-assessment training instrument on cross-cultural adaptability.