What Makes Great Transformational Leadership?

There’s more to leadership than having a notable title and being in charge of a team. You might have the authority to manage other people, but if you’re an unsuccessful leader, you won’t be able to guide and inspire your employees to accomplish their goals.

Join us for What Makes Great Transformational Leadership? The back-to-basics webinar that focuses on the what—and the how—of effective leadership. You’ll learn to recognize the characteristics of effective leadership and behaviors that may undermine performance. More importantly, you’ll leave with a solid understanding of how best to develop both aspiring leaders and seasoned veterans.

This webinar is based upon research from the HRDQ product Transformational Leader, a training program that will walk you through the four components to transformational leadership -- calling, charisma, challenge, and caring -- allowing you to develop the skills and techniques required to make a real difference at your workplace and to inspire others to work toward a shared vision of positive change. Learn more about Transformational Leader at HRDQ.