What Does Your Coaching Style Say About You? 

The way coaches interact with people varies from one coach to the next. This is because each coach has different personality characteristics that influence the way they interact with others. Knowing about those characteristics inherent in your personality is key to the coach–coachee interaction, the formation of an effective relationship, and the results he or she obtains. Attend this webinar to find out what your coaching style says about you.

With the knowledge of your coaching style, individuals can better understand why they behave the way they do, learn how to adapt their behavior to improve interpersonal relationships, develop rapport, and ultimately, become more effective coaches.

This webinar is sponsored by HRDQ and is based upon research from What’s My Coaching Style, a training program that measures personality style and explores how it relates to coaching and interpersonal relationships. Coaches and managers identify and understand personality traits, learn how to capitalize on personal strengths, and minimize potential weaknesses. Learn more about What’s My Coaching Style at HRDQ.